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FundusScope Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera

Product description:

FundusScope Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera<br /><br />Automatic eye tracking, focus & measurement<br />Fundus image within 15 seconds<br />Multi imaging display<br />Field of angle 45°x 45°<br />12M pixel sensor<br />9 fixation points<br />Anterior segment imaging<br /><br />The Fundus Scope fully automatically generates a fundus image within 15 seconds using eye tracking and auto focus as well as auto measure­ment. The KISS principle (keep it short and simple) had the highest priority in the software and workflow design. This makes the operation of the FundusScope extremely easy to handle. The user-friendly interface is very intuitive and provides the results in a very short time. <br /><br />FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS<br />Type Digital non-mydriati c retin a camera Type of photography Colour, digital red-free,<br />anterior eye image<br />Light source Observation light source: Infrared LED<br />Flash light source: White LED<br />Auto exposure YES<br />Auto focusing YES<br />Image 12 MP<br />Image resolution 4096 X 3072<br />Alignment Fully automatic 3D tracking<br />Chin rest Motorised <br /><br />MEASUREMENT<br />Field of view 45° x 45 ° up to 80°<br />Minimum pupil size 3.8 mm <br />Working distance 25 mm<br />Focus adjustment range -15D to +10D (without compensation lens) -35D to +30D (with compensation lens)<br />Flash intensity 10 levels, can be set manually <br />Eye fixation Internal ten points<br /><br />NETWORKING CAPABILITY<br />Interface USB2.0, Eth ernet, HDMI, WiFi<br />Image format JPEG, PNG, Dicom (optional)<br /><br />OPERATING ENVIRONMENT<br />Temperature 10°c to 35°c<br />Humidity 30% to 90% (no condensation)<br /><br />DIMENSIONS & ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS<br />Dimension WDH 282 x 485 x 492 mm<br />Weight 17 kg<br />Voltage AC 100V to 240V<br />Frequency 50/60 Hz<br />Power consumption < 150W<br /><br />***Shipping Cost NOT Included***

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