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Manual Ophthalmic Stand Opti+

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Manual Ophthalmic Stand<br /><br />The combined table is a kind of refined instrument which is used to combine ophthalmic instruments such as view tester, slit lamp and chart projector. It brings great convenience to usage. The luxury electric chair can lift up and down smoothly and noiselessly, as well as change angles to suit the customer. It also owns electric arm can wave 90 degree also up and down. The human-oriented design can fit the needs of customers with different height and requests. The working table can rotate 90 degree and slide parallel to change instruments.<br /><br />Technical parameter<br /> <br />Table lifting range:<br />200mm<br /><br />Table size:<br />880mm×410mm<br /><br />Combination sets size:<br />1400mm×2000mm×2090mm<br /><br />Package size:<br />1310mmx1130mmx1090mm<br /><br />Voltage:<br />220V±10% 50Hz<br /><br />Power:<br />80W<br /><br />Weight:<br />100kg

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