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Retinomax K+Screen Handheld Auto Refractometer Keratometer

Product description:

INS-11085-1 RETINOMAX K+SCREEN HANDHELD AUTO REFRACTOMETER KERATOMETER<br /><br />Dimensions: 7 x 9 x 9 in / 17 x 23 x 24 cm<br />Weight: 21 lb / 999g (with battery)<br /><br />Compact, light weight wireless handheld Refract Keratometer<br />With just 999g (equipped with battery). The center of gravity is design in the grip handle make it even much comfortable to hold.<br /><br />High performance Keratometer function<br />Best use during operation or typical objective eye examination.<br /><br />High speed Keratometer measurement<br />Only takes 0.34sec for continuous Ref/Ker measurement.<br /><br />Auto Quick function<br />If no measurement is made within 6 sec, system will automatically activate Quick mode which takes only 0.07 sec to finish the measurement. Best use on infant or small children.<br /><br />Parallel Sensor<br />Parallel sensor detect inclination of main body and display value. Level will display on screen in every 2° pitch up to ±12°, and every 3° pitch up to ±45°.<br /><br />Three type of fixation target (Specified in advance while ordering)<br />– Tulip<br />– Rocket<br />– Bear<br /><br />SPECIFICATIONS<br /><br />Refractometry<br />Measurement range:<br />– Spherical (S + C): -18.00D to +23.00D (in 0.25D increment)<br />– Cylinder: 0 to +12D or 0 to -12D (in 0.25D increment)<br />– Cylinder axis: 1 to 180° (in 1° increment)<br />Minimum pupil size:<br />– F2.3mm (Auto Quick)<br />Vertex distance:<br />– 0, 12mm adjustable<br /><br />Measurement of radius of curvature<br />Measurement range:<br />Radius of curvature: 5.00 to 11.00mm (in 0.01mm increment)<br />Corneal astigmatism: In 0.25D increment<br />Cylinder axis: 1 to 180° (in 1° increment)<br />Center: F3.2mm (R8mm)<br />Peripheral: F6.8mm (R8mm) (25° vertical/horizontal)<br /><br />Others<br />Measurement time:<br />Kerato and Refract (continuous): 0.34 sec. per indication (continuous)<br />Kerato alone: 0.2 sec. per indication (continuous)<br />Refract alone: 0.14 sec. per indication (continuous), 0.07 sec. (Quick)<br />Pupil size measurement time: +0.27sec./1 time

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