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TopaScope Non-Contact Tonometer with Pachymetry<br /><br />Fully automatic<br />3D auto-tracking and auto-measurement with<br />one touch<br /><br />Database<br />All measurements are stored in the internal database<br /><br />User interface<br />Built-in thermal printer with auto-cut function<br />All controls are performed by the very user-friendly interface on the 10.1 touch panel<br /><br />IOP measurement<br />Intraocular pressure measurement by a soft<br />air pu with no contact<br /><br />Pachymetry<br />Central corneal thickness (CCT) measurement using Scheimplug technology<br /><br />Printer<br />Built-in thermal printer with auto-cut function<br /><br /><br />***Non-FDA Approved Product***

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