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Autorefractometer /Keratometer ARK9600

Product description:

Autorefractometer /Keratometer ARK9600<br /><br />The Auto Refractometer/Kerato-refractometer is a precision ophthalmic instrument. It can be used to measure the parameters of farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, axis, pupil-distance and cornea curvity for prescription of vision correction. Quality AAA.<br /><br />Measurement Performance Parameters<br /><br />Corneal Vertical Distance(VD):<br />0.00mm,12mm,13.75mm,15mm<br /><br />PH: <br />-30.00 m-1~ +25.00 m-1( VD=12mm,0.01 m-1,0.06 m-1,0.12 m-1,0.25 m-1 unit ), deep myopia measurement available<br /><br />CYL: <br />0.00 m-1 ~ ±10.00 m-1 (0.12 m-1,0.25 m-1 unit)<br /><br />Cylinder Form: <br />-,+,±<br /><br />Axis(AX): <br />1°~ 180° (1° unit)<br /><br />Pupil Distance(PD): <br />10mm ~ 85mm(0.1mm unit)<br /><br />Radius of Corneal Curvature: <br />5.0 ~ 10.0mm (0.01mm unit)<br /><br />Corneal Power: <br />33.00 m-1~ 67.00 m-1 (in case that the corneal equivalent refractive power is 1.3375)<br /><br />Corneal Astigmatism:<br />0.00 m-1 ~ 15.00 m-1 (0.06 m-1/0.12 m-1/0.25 m-1 unit)<br /><br />7'' TFT touch screen (angle adjustable)<br /><br />Printer: <br />57mm thermal printer<br /><br />Measuring Light Energy: <br /><30uW (prevent injury to eyes during measuring)<br /><br />Measuring Time:<br /><0.5s<br /><br />Minimum 2.0mm pupil can be measured. The application of cloud and mist chart technology allows the patients’ eyes to look at the internal targets in a natural and comfortable situation and make the measurement more accurate<br /><br />Electrical Power: <br />AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz<br /><br />Consumption: <br />60AV<br /><br />N.W.: <br />17.25 kg<br /><br />G.W.: <br />22.5 kg<br /><br />Dimensions: <br />L750mm×W400mm×H630mm<br />

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