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Ophtalmoscope Head Opti+

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Ophtalmoscope Head YZ11D OPTI+ INS-11021<br /><br />The portable product has excellent optical performance by improved optical design.<br /><br />With improved optical design and excellent optical performance. <br />Quality halogen bulb provides high and adjustable brightness and good color rendering.<br />Smart, portable and convenient for mobile inspection.<br />Equipped with special charger, quick and convenient recharging, against over recharging.<br />Anti-recharging and anti-discharging function protects the battery.<br /><br />Illumination Style: Large, Small, Slit, Mesh, Red-free spot<br />Diopter Compensation: 0 ±1 ±2 ±3 ±4 ±5 ±6 ±8 ±10 ±12 ±16 ±20 -25 -35D<br />Light Source: 3.5V/2.8W Halogen bulb<br />Power(Main Body of Ophthalmoscope): Li+ rechargeable battery pack, DC 3.7V<br /><br />Specifications:<br />Dimensions: 3 x 1 x 1 in / 7 x 2 x 2 cm <br />Weight: 3.30 oz / 93 g

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