Product Name  : 
PRO 500 Refraction Unit with chair SC 300

Product description:

PRO 500 Refraction Unit with chair SC 300<br /><br />-Space saving (1.55 m2)<br />-Easy to install (right or left)<br />-One-man installation<br />-Preconfigured for Rodenstock equipment<br />-Timeless and modern design<br />-Fixed chair top<br />-Low shipment costs (1 box / euro pallet size,<br />120 x 80 cm)<br /><br />Delivery includes:<br />1 SC 300 Standard chair<br />1 Rubber pads for floor protection<br />1 Operator manual on USB flash drive<br />Not included:<br />Phoropter arm<br /><br />Optional:<br />PA 1000 Phoropter arm (balance)<br />PA 3000 Phoropter arm (linear)<br />SH 1000 (Retinoscope / ophthalmoscope holder)<br />RTC 1000 Trial lens cabinet<br />CBS 1000 Control Box Stand<br /><br />***Shipping Cost NOT Included***

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