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Gold Set Ophthalmic Stand & Chair Opti+

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Set Ophthalmic Stand INS-11100 and Chair INS-11102<br /><br />The INS-11100 ophthalmic stand is a durable and fully equipped option, providing all the functions required for routine practice and procedures.<br />For a detailed guide, you can view the attached manual.<br />Features:<br />- Overhead lamp<br />- Intuitive control panel<br />- Easy to operate arms, adjustable to various positions<br />Dimensions:<br />- 1348mm x 1274mm x 1556mm<br />- Weight: 125 kilograms<br /><br />The INS-11102 ophthalmic chair is an accessible option, while maintaining high standards in comfort both for the patient and the doctor. It brings all the necessary qualities to make routine practice and procedures pleasant for both the patient and the doctor, equipped with several options for position control, and allowing to maintain patient contact from either side. <br />For a detailed guide, you can view the attached manual.<br />Features:<br />- Reclining<br />- Rotatable<br />- Adjustable elevation<br />- Head, feet and arm rests<br />- Upholstered in leather<br />Dimensions: <br />- 700mm×900mm×1400mm<br />- Weight: EC-100 / 60 kilograms<br />- Maximum load: 150 kilograms<br /><br />*Free shipping does not apply to this product

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